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Jack Cola (born John Colaiacovo), attended High School in Bronx, New York. He attended college in Queens, New York and received his 4-year degree in criminal justice with a minor in business administration. After finishing up college, Cola went on to get his Master’s Degree in Jurisprudence.

After completing his education at NYU, Cola worked served as senior vice president and chief legal officer to GAMCO Worldwide. He then moved to a national online consulting firm as a consultant in commercial and residential construction, VoIP (Voice over Internet Provider, asset protection and then counter intelligence. After four years as a consultant, Cola was elected as the chief executive officer and shortly after represented the board of directors as their vested chairman.

Continuing to broaden his horizons, Cola went to work for Accolade Global, an international capital investment firm as their chairman and chief executive officer. When he arrived at the firm, their net worth was $3 million a year. By the time he left, the net worth had skyrocketed to more than $17 million. This was done in just under four years of having worked with that company.

Cola then returned to his roots as a CEO of a consulting firm. Lucentra Corporation, an international consulting firm specializing in global business development, business expansion and corporate management hired Mr. Cola on January 17, 2013. Three weeks into his tenure at Lucentra, Cola posted a 193 percent profit. This was a first quarter record for the Lucentra Corporation.

Cola was the Chief Executive Officer of Centel Media, a top online reputation management firm. A famous quote that he goes by says, “Life is not about how hard you can hit, but rather how hard you can be hit and keep moving forward.” He is also heavily involved with many charitable organizations. For more information, please visit the John Colaiacovo Foundation.